Week Ahead in NY Music: June 10 to June 16

Friday, June 13-Saturday, June 14 at Barclays Center, The Postal Service, Ra Ra Riot, $35

The Postal Service's first (and only) album Give Up is a decade old. This makes us feel ancient. But its aged remarkable well, and as long as people need music to match the ever-escalating high of new love or the slow deflation of new love not working out, people will still need that thing in their life. Also, while "Such Great Heights" is the modern standard, "Clark Gable" is the secret anthem on that thing, so make sure to cheer extra hard when it gets played so people know you know what's up. 

Saturday, June 15 at The Grand Victory, The Toasters, The Void Union, $15

Ska should be illegal in the winter. It's just too peppy for when you need music to match the cold desolation around you. But it can be just thing to pick up up up your spirit in the summer time, especially if the weather hasn't made you feel very peppy recently. The long-running New York ska institution The Toasters have been through a trillion members and has seen their beloved genre come in and out of fashion (mostly out), but they keep skanking along, bringing authentic rocksteady rhythms and "keep your head up" lyrical affirmations that will sound absolutely perfect for either the real weather or the weather you wish for in your mind. 

Sunday, June 16 at McCarren Park, Solange, Petite Noir, Cable, My Midnight Heart, Free

Lots of good stuff happening this week at the Northside Festival, the days long selection of Brooklyn's best up-and-coming acts, lovingly curated by the good people at The L Magazine. But we'd like to turn your attention to this particular show, as a) it's free and b) even though it was released in the dead of Winter, Solange's album True was made to soundtrack summer BBQs. So even though she's played New York a few times since True was released, this is the best possible time to see her perform. 

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