Week Ahead in NY Music: July 8 to July 14

Charlie L. Harper III/KXAN

Thursday, July 11 at House Of Vans, Toro y Moi, Shlomo, Jonwayne, Free

The free, FYF-sponsored summer series at House Of Vans tends to follow a Warped Tour For People Old Enough To Drink model: punk rock that doesn't skimp on the anthemic hooks, but that also finds room for artistic extermination  (Titus Andronicus, No Age, F***** Up being just the three best examples as well as the three best punk bands of their generation.) Toro y Moi plays dopamine-added, smoothed-out soul pop that's been run through the art-rock delay pedal. So, it's an outlier at this series, but not an unwelcome one, as we must all take time to rest and nod our heads to some sliced-up beats before raging out again.

Thursday, July 11 at Webster Hall, Savages, Johnny Hostile, $18

The British band Savages have released the debut album of the year with Silence Yourself, a sharp blend of punk and post-punk that slinks along on gothic, Peter Hooky-bass lines that create an atmosphere of dread so thick only guitarist Gemma Thompson's guitars could possibly cut through the murk. Then there's Jehnny Beth, who makes it clear through Silence Yourself that there is no force on earth she can't shout down. Woe unto anyone who tries to get her to shut up. They will be in New York, and could very likely be upset with you if you don't show up and pay attention to what they have to say. Honestly, it doesn't seem worth the risk, so do your best to make it. 

Friday, July 12 at Seaside Summer Concerts, Cheap Trick, Free

Cheap Trick will be at this show. They will almost certainly play "Surrender." It will be free. In case you need more elucidation on this matter, let us point out that "Surrender" is one of the most joyful, triumphant songs in the entire classic rock catalog, and an underrated source of wisdom as well. (Listen to the man with the four-necked guitar. Sometimes you just have to placate people to get what you want.) And free means you don't need to pay. We could go on and on about the glory of the Cheap Trick catalog (pun intended: don't sleep on "Dream Police") but just hum "Surrender" to yourself and decide if free is a good enough price point for you.

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