Week Ahead in NY Music: July 15 to July 21

Monday, July 16-Tuesday, July 16 at Maxwell's, Titus Andronicus, $10

The beloved Hoboken venue Maxwell's is closing. This is a national tragedy. New Jersey drama punk titans Titus Andronicus are no doubt upset about this, and as such have signed up to give this venue a proper Viking funeral via a multi-night stand. Without Maxwell's, fans of left of center music will feel stranded in a town without a decent venue.  As such, the "it's us against them/and they're winning" couplet is going to feel even more cathartic than usual.

Wednesday, July 17 at Death By Audio, Blake Schwarzenbach, Red Dons, Nuclear Spring, Ylajali, $8

Blake Schwarzenbach is most famous for writing heartrending songs about alcohol, punk ethos and heartache with his seminal band Jawbreaker, though recently he has been busy with his new group forgetters, and we shouldn't forget about his time with Jets To Brazil. This show is billed as Schwarzenbach solo, so it is not clear what songs he will play. Though let's be honest, we know what songs he will play: finely observed songs about regret, humiliation and fleeting moments of joy.

Friday, July 19-Saturday, July 20 at Yankee Stadium, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, $49

Hardcore fans of both of these artist weren't exactly blown away by their most recent albums. But this is still a chance to see two of pop music's biggest champions unleash their formidable back catalog in the same evening. And in a year where Paul McCartney and U2 aren't touring, you have to take your Yankee Stadium opportunities as they come. Also, these two will probably perform that song where they quote Nirvana together, so that's….something. 

Saturday, July 20 at Death By Audio, The World is a Beautiful Place And I'm No Longer Afraid To Die, Daylight, DADS, Pity Sex, $7

If you spent any time in the late '90s or early Aughts listening to music where the guitars had been so heavily distorted that they sounded like one long sigh so forceful that it feels like it could make the sun come up by sheer force of ennui , then it will no doubt please you that there is a band calling itself The World Is A Beautiful Place And I'm No Longer Afraid To Die. They sound how you think they would sound. Also, as far as great terrible band names go, Pity Sex gives the headliner a run for emo-money.

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