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Go Through the Looking Glass, and Wear Comfortable Shoes



    Go Through the Looking Glass, and Wear Comfortable Shoes
    Rick Ochoa
    Rebekah Morin as the Red Queen and Tom Pearson as the White Rabbit in Third Rail Projects’ newly relocated production of “Then She Fell."

    “Then She Fell,” an immersive theater event combining a hospital ward, the writings of Lewis Carroll and no more than 15 audience members per show, will resume performances on March 9 at a new venue in Williamsburg.

    After a nine-week run in 2012 at Greenpoint Hospital, and the subsequent destruction by Sandy of what was supposed to be the company’s new home at South Street Seaport, Third Rail Projects has set up shop at the Kingsland Ward at St. Johns, a three-story institutional building two blocks from the L train stop at Grand Street.

    Inspired by the life and writings of Carroll, the author of “Alice in Wonderland,” “Then She Fell” is a multi-sensory theatrical production in which the handful of guests explore the corners and corridors of the performance space, often alone, in order to discover hidden scenes. They encounter performers one-on-one, use skeleton keys to gain access to guarded secrets, and generally engage with the actors in ways we'd consider entirely non-traditional.

    Drinks are served; so confirms New York Times critic Ben Brantley, who couldn’t resist accepting a libation from one of the actors when he attended last year. “For much of the hazy two hours I spent wandering through rooms there, I felt like a bewildered but enchanted child, made privy to the arcana of another, darker world. That does not mean that I felt innocent,” Brantley wrote, comparing “Then She Fell” to the long-running Punchdrunk production “Sleep No More,” which reimagines “Macbeth” as a movable work in a multi-level hotel.

    “Then She Fell” is written, directed, designed and choreographed by Zach Morris with Tom Pearson and Jennine Willett, and in collaboration with the Third Rail actors. Tickets, $95-$125, are available at www.thenshefell.com. For more information, call 718-374-5196.

    A video made last year during the company's stint at Greenpoint Hospital in Williamsburg explains more, below.