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These Accent Wall Ideas Could Be The Modern Touch Your Home is Missing

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Tired of the same boring walls in your room? Feel like your home is missing something? An accent wall could be the answer.

Accents walls break up the monotony in a room by creating a focal point on one wall with a different color, texture or pattern. They can also help tie together décor themes or add tasteful design elements to a room.

The George to the Rescue team partnered with various design companies to create unique accent walls in several different jaw-dropping home renovations.

Outside of simply painting one wall a different color – which is still a great way to create an accent wall – here are three accent walls ideas that could give your home the flair it’s been missing.

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Wood accent walls? They're giving modern

Want to add some modern flare to your home? A customized wood-framed accent wall could be the answer.

James Atlas Woodworks worked with the George Oliphant and his crew to install paneling for an accent wall that was painted navy blue and yellow in honor of the Schiavone family’s commitment to give back to others with Down syndrome.

The color combinations, angles, and overall design options are unlimited. Get creative.

Yes, wallpaper accent walls are still in

Wallpaper is making a design comeback and is one of the easiest ways to create an accent wall.

The prints, colors, textures, and design options are almost endless. But with so many options, how do you pick the right wallpaper?

Think about the mood or vibe you want to create in the room and how you will be utilizing it.

When one young baking star needed a organizational bedroom makeover, the “design rockstars” at Butter & Velvet Home Design chose a wallpaper with calming hues accented with pops of color so the teen could work without distraction and highlight her personality.

Murals make great accent walls in bedrooms, living rooms and basements

You might not be an artist or muralist, but someone in your community may be.

Hiring an artist to paint a one-of-a-kind mural on a wall inside your home would not only make it unique, but also personal.

The George to the Rescue crew worked with Vanessa Deleon to hire world-renowned artist Raul Rubio to paint a Hollywood-themed masterpiece on one family’s basement wall that celebrated their life story.

“That mural to me is perfect. It’s a perfect representation of who I am,” military veteran Victor Almanzar said after seeing his newly renovated basement.

If you want a mural accent wall but don’t want to hire an artist, you can always put on your DIY hat and create one yourself.

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