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Considering a Kitchen Remodel? Three Ideas To Help You Get Started

A kitchen remodel can be overwhelming. Step one – figure out what your goal is.

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Whether you’re looking to organize the pantry or demolish your entire kitchen, every step of a home remodel can feel pretty daunting. 

For Kimberly and Israel Jones, first time homeowners in New Jersey,  the kitchen in their fixer-upper felt dark and cluttered.  The couple, featured on “George to the Rescue,” envisioned a brighter space with room to cook and a place to enjoy family dinners with their two daughters. 

When it comes to remodeling a kitchen, there are several things to consider before grabbing a hammer and getting started. 

Before the “George to the Rescue” crew started renovating, they crafted a vision and blueprint for the Jones’ dream kitchen and gathered the necessary materials. 

If you’re thinking about a kitchen remodel but are unsure of where to start, you’ll want to start with a goal. Whether it’s a brighter space with natural light or an organized pantry, here are some ideas:

Creating a Brighter Kitchen With New and Improved Cabinets

If you’re looking to create a brighter space, the kitchen cabinets can be a great place to start. The renovation team started from scratch, removing the Jones' old cabinets and replacing them entirely. The white cabinetry with black hardware, combined with natural light, made for a much more open space, despite the area still being small in square footage.  

If you’re looking for a slightly simpler and more budget-friendly option, consider painting your cabinets. 

Wood cabinets are ideal for painting, according to Lowe’s Hardware, but really any surface can be painted as long as it is first scuffed with sandpaper.

Homeowners will want to prime their cabinets before grabbing the paint brush. The primer preps the wood for paint – like the base coat you apply before painting your nails. 

Decluttering the Kitchen Pantry

Yes, wire shelving is convenient, but in many kitchens it’s also an eyesore (and prone to cluttering). 

The solution the “George to the Rescue” team came up with – floating cabinets and under-the-seat storage at the dining table. 

The bright cabinets hold everything the Jones family needs in their kitchen, while also keeping the clutter organized and out of the public eye.

Their new dining space features a mounted bench with storage under the seat, perfect for kitchen linens or pots and pans. 

Consider New Appliances

Installing a new oven or refrigerator might require a certain level of expertise and a bigger budget. However, appliances are usually top of mind for homeowners looking to make a change or upgrade to their kitchen.

For the Jones family, the stainless steel appliances were the finishing touch to complete their kitchen remodel. 

The silver appliances pair well with the black hardware on the cabinets and truly completed the space. 

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