New EDM Station Launches, Afrojack and Shermanology Tear Down the House

Nonstop Sound got a chance to attend Clear Channel’s launch party for new iHeartRadio station Evolution and spoke with Grammy-winning DJ/producer Afrojack about what sparks his passion for music, why he would create a wedding song for Kim and Kanye, and how he believes EDM will evolve.

The energy was contagious.

“The thing is with EDM everyone’s been talking about this big explosion all around the world, especially here in America. I think it’s only going to get bigger…especially with iHeartRadio together, you’re going to get a whole new set of fans to the EDM industry basically,” Afrojack said.
Afrojack (real name Nick van de Wall) says he enjoys music production in its entirety. “I like producing actual music... Dance music is my passion, when I go to the festivals and you feel the energy, that’s my passion… I just want to have people listen to radio and think like, ‘Wow!’”
The crowd and the floor jumped when Afrojack brought Shermanology -- one of the many talented artists on his record label, Wall Recordings, -- to the stage. Amid the singing, shouting, laser lights and green and orange glow-in-the-dark bracelets, the Dutch DJ/vocalist group performed their Top 10 (in Holland) hit, “Can’t Stop Me.”
The party didn’t stop there. As Shermanology exited the stage, Afrojack kept everyone’s spirits up, transitioning into Pitbull’s “Give Me Everything,” which features Ne-Yo and was co-written and produced by Afrojack.
When asked if he’d work with Kanye West and possibly create a mix for Kim and Kanye’s future wedding, Afrojack said: “I love his stuff. Kanye is dope…I think [creating their wedding song] would be a pretty funny mash-up, but doable. I would love to do something weird like that.”
At the end Afrojack walked from behind the turntables, taking himself and his camera toward the spectators. He snapped a few pics and the crowd swarmed him like bees caught in a music trance. He lowered the music to a solid decrescendo, thanked everyone for coming, threw up a heart for iHeartRadio and left the stage. The crowd chanted for more. 
Afrojack is planning a huge event on New Year’s Eve at Pier 94. “It’s going to be a really big party. I’m going to try to put together back-to-back sets," he said. "All the artists. All at the same time. Constantly throughout the whole night.”
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