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Open House NY: Explore Luxurious Homes, Important Buildings and More



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    The Woolworth Building (left) and World's Fair Grounds are two of the New York City landmarks that are opening up to the public for Open House New York 2015.

    From the Woolworth Building to a renowned rooftop farm, dozens of buildings and spaces that are usually closed off to the public are opening up as part of Open House New York this weekend so New Yorkers can take a peek inside.

    The event, which runs Saturday and Sunday, offers a look at architecturally and historically significant homes and penthouses, buildings, and landmarks, plus a special spotlight on where food is produced and processed in the city.

    Highlights include the newly renovated City Hall, Google’s New York headquarters in Chelsea, the TWA Flight Center at JFK (it’s being adapted as a hotel) and Brooklyn Grange, which grows vegetables and herbs on what it claims is the largest largest rooftop soil farms in the world.

    There are open houses and architectural tours on every borough, including tours of the World’s Fair Grounds at Flushing Meadows, Edgar Allen Poe’s Bronx cottage and Staten Island’s National Lighthouse Museum.

    Over 70,000 people participate in the event each year, according to Open House New York. Many locations will be be free, but some require a $5 reservation in advance; guides are being distributed across the city and are available online as well. You can also submit your photos from the weekend’s events to Wikimedia NYC for a chance to win an iPad Mini.

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