Add a Little Fun & Games to Your Night Out!

This week on "1st Look," it's all about game night. Find out what topped our list during our season premiere this Saturday, Sept. 15 after "SNL."

But if you can't wait 'til then, here are some great "game nights" across the country you won't want to miss!

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Giant Jenga - Jenga, jenga, jengaaa. Supersized.
D20 Burlesque - A burlesque show themed around your favorite retro video games. Ms. Pac-Man never looked so good!
Game Show Speakeasy - Live downtown hit, voted best night out by Time Out New York.
Emerge Miami - Board game night at Sweat Records
American Cornhole Organization - Play this backyard favorite beside some of the world's best players in the world.
Rock, Paper, Scissors at Ravenswood Pub - Be a kid again every Thursday night.
Turtle Racing - Hurry up and read about this!
Game Night at the Belmont Hotel - Not every bar game down South includes beer and some cups.
World Adult Kickball League - You're never too old for a little gymnasium runaround.
Aero Hobbies - Hosts a variety of game nights throughout the Santa Monica area.
Monopoly in the Park - Giant human-size board game. Let's see how successful the "Get Out of Jail Free" card is at this location.
Quizzo - It's all about trivia in Philadelphia with a brain teaser somewhere in the city every night of the week.
For the best game nights across the country, tune into "1st Look" this Saturday, Sept. 15 after "SNL."
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