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Clash of the Satellite Dish Titans

Lawsuit accuses rival of ‘blatantly false and misleading advertising’



    Clash of the Satellite Dish Titans

    The two largest satellite TV providers are going to battle over a recent ad campaign.


    sued rival

    Dish Network

    over the company's "Why Pay More" advertising campaign.In the ads, Dish Network claims it offers the same monthly services as DirecTV, but at a cheaper rate. According to the

    The Associated Press

    , the commercial claims that the Dish Network costs $39.99 a month, while DirecTV costs $63.99 a  month, with cable TV at $63.83 a month.

    DirecTV filed the lawsuit in a U.S. District Court in Manhattan that accused the Dish Network of "blatantly false and misleading advertising." DirecTV says the plan in the commercial offers more channels than the one it is compared to in the Dish Network plan. The DirecTV plan offers more than 140 channels, while the cheaper Dish Network plan only offers less than 100.

    Dish Network's says it stands behind its ad that began airing on Feb. 8.