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Take a Sneak Peek at 2010 TV Shows

Melissa Joan Hart, Joey Lawrence and others set to return to the small screen



    Take a Sneak Peek at 2010 TV Shows
    Guess who's back? And you won't believe who he's teaming up with...

    We criticize a lot of television on this site... some of it before we even watch it. So when we saw that a ton of new TV shows were announced for 2010 this past week, we figured we'd get a head start on things and start dissecting them now. (Don't worry, we'll watch them when they come out for real; this is just a warm-up.) These are some of the 2010 shows we're looking forward to, and some that we just aren't.

    J.J. Abrams' New Spy Show
    Plot: This "fun romp" in the tradition of classic TV spy series will follow a married couple who are both spies and are deeply in love.
    Yea or Nay?Alias creator J.J. Abrams returning to the spy genre along with the writer of Felicity? The networks are already in a bidding war. Sign us up.

    The Phantom (Syfy)
    Plot: When his adoptive parents are murdered, a teenager discovers that he's actually the son of the Phantom, and he undergoes training to fight the forces of evil.
    Yea or Nay? Just looking at the new, goofy Phantom costume -- and the main character's fondness for purple clothing -- makes us appreciate the much-maligned 1996 Billy Zane movie a whole lot more.

    Terriers (FX)
    Plot:Donal Logue plays an ex-cop who starts a detective agency with his best friend in this drama.
    Yea or Nay? Donal Logue brought a lot of fun to Life, and if the creator of The Shield is involved we expect good things.

    You and Me and He (CBS)
    Plot: A recently divorced woman who's just moved in with her lesbian girlfriend when she finds out she's pregnant with her ex's child.
    Yea or Nay? Considering this was basically a long-running plotline on Friends, we don't know how must-see it will be. But it sounds like Accidentally on Purpose meets The L Word.

    The Fuzz (Comedy Central)
    Plot: A police procedural show set in a city where humans and puppets co-exist.
    Yea or Nay? Dear God, yes. And if there are vampire puppets, even better.

    The Cube (FOX)
    Plot: An import of the British game show where contestants are put in a glass cube and asked to perform increasingly difficult tasks.
    Yea or Nay? Hey, we already have a game show where people choose a suitcase, tell us how much something costs and outsmart young children, so why not put them in a cube?

    Lights Out (FX)
    Plot: In this boxing drama, Holt McCallany plays a retired fighter trying to reconnect with his wife and three daughters.
    Yea or Nay? Not sure what the series will be about, per se, but we're having trouble imagining spending an entire hour with McCallany.

    Bravo Reality Spin-Offs
    Plot: We follow Bethenny Frankel from The Real Housewives of New York City in her career as a natural foods chef, Project Runway's Christian Siriano as he opens a boutique and Top Chef's Fabio Viviani as he expands his caterig business.
    Yea or Nay? Bethenny? Sure. Siriano? Definitely. Viviani? How can we resist somebody so adorable?

    Untitled Melissa Joan Hart/Joey Lawrence Project
    Plot: Hart plays a politician who takes in her sister's kids when her sister goes to jail. She hires the out-of-work Lawrence to be their manny.
    Yea or Nay? If you were a fan of this modern-day Hepburn and Tracy when they appeared in the ABC Family movie My Fake Fiance together earlier this year, this sitcom is right up your alley. Hopefully, it's a blind alley.

    What 2010 shows are you looking forward to?