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Some Athletic Alternatives to Another "Skating With Celebrities"

"Dancing on Ice" is the latest athletic celeb-based reality show



    Some Athletic Alternatives to Another "Skating With Celebrities"
    "Dancing" is so last season.

    With ratings down for Dancing With the Stars, ABC is looking for ways to freshen up the show, and they may have found a way to keep their numbers from slipping. The answer is ice. Celebrity ice skating competition Dancing on Ice recently had its fourth season in Britain, and ABC wants to bring a similar show to America. ...Except it's been here before, in 2006, when Skating with Celebrities was on Fox for one season with Kristy Swanson, Dave Coulier, Debbie Gibson and Nancy Kerrigan. We've got some ideas for other sporting events that might be more exciting to watch than ice-skating. Again.

    Roller Derby of the Stars
    With the recent release of Whip It!, the woman-dominated sport of roller derby is more popular than it's been in years. So why not choose up teams of actresses, models and musicians to play against each other on the oval track? It's have the skating action of an ice-skating show, combined with a lot of shoving and maybe a couple of bloody noses. Fingers crossed!

    Rhythmic Gymnastics With the Stars
    We all saw the scene with Will Ferrell performing gymnastics with the ribbon in Old School -- now imagine a bevy of stars performing similar routines with balls and hoops and ropes and batons. When it isn't beautiful and graceful, it'll be hysterical. It's a win-win!

    Ski-Jumping With the Stars
    Skiing has gotten a bad rap among celebrities lately, but the trick is to get the stars off of the heavily wooded mountainside and put them on a nice, man-made ramp. At speeds of up to 80-miles-per hour, a washed-up celeb could get a lot of "mileage" out of a show like this.

    Bull-Riding With the Stars
    As Hollywood tries to reconnect with Middle America, they could do worse than putting their stars on the backs of some wild bulls. Rodeo bull-riding is an incredibly popular sport, and all it takes is eight seconds for a celebrity to earn a whole new array of fans.

    Base-Jumping With the Stars
    Each episode, a celebrity has to use his or her fame to gain entry a building, be given a tour of the roof, and then jump off of it. A fast car will be waiting in the parking lot. Getting arrested is an immediate disqualification.

    What sport would you rather see celebrities doing?