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Angry Chickens Flock to Leno's Studio

PETA ruffles feathers in Burbank



    Angry Chickens Flock to Leno's Studio

    Animal rights activists donned chicken suits Tuesday for a protest outside a taping of the Jay Leno Show.

    PETA is upset with Leno because of an in-show promotion that features fast-food giant McDonald's. The activists want McDonald's to adopt "more humane slaughter methods."

    "PETA is asking Leno to use his influence to benefit the millions of frightened birds who end up as McNuggets," PETA officials said in a news release.

    The McDonald's promotion is part of a Monopoly-related contest during a commercial break. Viewers enter the contest online.

    The deal includes Leno promotions on McDonald's packaging and game boards in the restaurants.

    "Leno was at one point a McDonald's crew person," Peter Sterling, the chain's vice president for marketing, told USA Today. "People love him. He has a great reputation. As people are sampling Leno, it's a great opportunity to elevate (the show and the game)."

    Two years ago, PETA named The Tonight Show's Kevin Eubanks one of the World's Sexiest Vegetarians.