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Oprah Tell-All Coming in April

Kitty Kelley has a reputation for sensationalism



    Oprah Tell-All Coming in April
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    Oprah will announce today that her 25-year run will end in 2011.

    Oprah's not going to be happy about this one.

    Kitty Kelley, the woman who's made a career out of skewering celebrites in unauthorized tell-all books, has set her sights on Oprah Winfrey.

    Crown Publishers announced Thursday that Kitty Kelley's 544-page, unauthorized "Oprah: A Biography" will be released April 13. The first printing will be at least 500,000 copies.

    Kelley is known for gossipy and unflattering -- but best-selling -- celebrity books. She has also written about Frank Sinatra (linked him to the mob), Nancy Reagan (linked her to Frank Sinatra) and the Bush family (linking George W. Bush to cocaine.)

    Kelley says she has high regard for Winfrey, but also felt committed to writing the truth. Kelley says she devoted the past three years to examining Winfrey's life. She says she came away "full of admiration for her accomplishments and fascinated by her complexity."

    Crown says Kelley conducted 850 interviews for the book.

    It will be the first tell-all published about the talk show queen. Though Kelley has earned a reputation as somewhat of a sensationalist, she's never been successfully sued for libel and never made a retraction.

    Then again, she's never faced down Oprah, either.