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Jon Stewart Has "Difficulty" Caring About Decision 2012

The "six-month slog to the White House" is heating up—or not.



    Jon Stewart Has "Difficulty" Caring About Decision 2012
    Jon Stewart wonders why nobody wants to run with Romney.

    On Wednesday's edition of "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart started the show with a recap of Tuesday's big political news: Mitt Romney's decisive five-state sweep, which essentially clinched the GOP nomination for the former Massachusetts governor.

    Stewart, who often skewers Romney's image as a pedigreed elitist, declared that it was indeed a big night for "Mittington Romney the Eighth."

    But with Decision 2012 slated to be a match-up Pres. Obama and Romney, Stewart is having trouble feeling anything but apathetic.

    "Try as I might," he quipped, "I am having difficulty giving a [expletive]."

    Stewart referred to the upcoming general election race as a "six-month slog to the White House."

    Yup, it's "Obama v. Romney," Stewart said—with a big shrug.