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Marge Bares All For Playboy

It’s only for newsstands



    Marge Bares All For Playboy
    Marge's November 2009 Playboy cover emulates the shot from the October 1971 issue.

    Mmmmm, Playboy.

    Homer Simpson will have more than donuts to drool over when his cartoon wife gets the November cover and centerfold of the popular men’s magazine.

    The issue, which is set to hit stands on October 16, will feature the blue-haired bombshell in a “sexy” spread with “implied nudity.”

    Many are attributing the move toward sillier, younger content to the installation of new Playboy CEO Scott Flanders.

    Flanders! D’oh.

    “[The centerfold is] obviously somewhat tongue-in-cheek," Flanders told the Sun-Times. "It had never been done, and we thought it would be kind of hip, cool and unusual."

    Flanders, who took the reins from Chrstie Hefner in June, is changing the Playboy’s business model in a not so quiet way. In an effort to attract 20-somethings he’s reinvested in the E! reality television show “The Girls Next Door” and he plans to open a set of Playboy clubs.

    There is one problem. The magazines subscribers, which make up 40 percent of the magazine’s readership, will not get the Marge cover. It’s only for newsstands.