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A 'Broke' Heidi Montag Says Spencer 'Tried To Stop Me' From Surgery



    A 'Broke' Heidi Montag Says Spencer 'Tried To Stop Me' From Surgery
    Heidi Montag shows only selected skin in her Playboy shoot.

    Heidi Montag has financed her debut album and covered the estimated $30,000 costs of her recent plastic surgery – and "The Hills" star told Access Hollywood's Billy Bush that her projects have left her broke.

    "I would say I'm broke," she told Billy. "I have other things in the works. So hopefully, I won't be broke for long, but you know, I've kind of always been that way."

    Though reports over the years placed Heidi's per-episode income from "The Hills" as high as $65,000 – not to mention her various appearance fees, Playboy cover and book with husband Spencer Pratt, "How To Be Famous" – the reality star said she's "never really had money."

    "I've never really had money so for me it's not necessarily about money," Heidi said.

    She previously told Entertainment Weekly that her album, "Superficial," cost her "almost $2,000,000." According to Nielsen SoundScan, it sold a disappointing 658 copies in its debut week.

    Still, she was able to invest in exhaustive plastic surgery – which she said Spencer thought she didn't need.

    "He tried to stop me and he said, 'What if you ruin everything? You're so beautiful, you don't need anything, you didn't need surgery before,'" Heidi explained. "I just told him, you know, this is what I want to do. At the end of the day, this is my body. He cried when I went under, he was very upset."

    But now, she said, Spencer doesn't have to worry about further procedures – despite claims that she was "addicted" to plastic surgery.

    "I've had enough surgery for a while," she told Billy.

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