Bruce Springsteen

Watch Bruce Springsteen Make Guest Appearance at Coldplay Concert in New Jersey

"The Boss" was back on stage in his hometown at MetLife Stadium

Bruce Springsteen and Coldplay
Mike Gavin

Coldplay brought a local musician on stage during their concert in New Jersey. His name is Bruce Springsteen.

The band and "The Boss" were dancing (and singing) in the dark, as Springsteen performed two songs in his hometown Sunday during Coldplay's second of two shows at MetLife Stadium.

“I have a tattoo on my arm, which is because this person is my hero,” Coldplay frontman Chris Martin said. “I can’t believe we get to say it, but please welcome Mr. Bruce Springsteen.”

The Jersey native then joined the band on a smaller stage that was surrounded entirely by fans in the standing-room general admission area and shared lead vocals with Martin on “Working on a Dream,” Springsteen’s title track that Martin has tattooed on his arm.

"Hello, New Jersey," Springsteen said after stepping on stage. "Chris said he's had this song tattooed on his arm for a while, so, I guess I've got to sing it with him."

Springsteen and Martin remained on stage after the song as the other band members departed.

"Hey, Bruce, thank you for being here, man," Martin said.

The two then collaborated on an acoustic version of "Dancing in the Dark," with Springsteen on guitar and Martin on piano.

Springsteen left the stage to chants of “Bruuuuuce!” from the crowd.

“Thank you, Bruce,” Martin said. “Thank you for everything, man.”

Springsteen last held a concert at MetLife Stadium in August 2016. He is expected to return in 2023 during a worldwide tour with the E Street Band.

Coldplay played back-to-back nights at MetLife Stadium for their Music of the Spheres tour, with Saturday's performance featuring a guest appearance by Australian pop star Kylie Minogue. The band's tour continues Wednesday in Philadelphia.

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