Tegan and Sara Complete Two-Night Run at Beacon Theater

Canadian indie rock duo Tegan and Sara play their second of two shows at Beacon Theater

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Michel Dussack
Canadian indie rock duo Tegan and Sara play their second of two shows at Beacon Theater. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Opening the show was Toronto based band DIANA. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
DIANA received rave reviews after the CMJ Music Marathon last year, and this tour with Tegan and Sara seems a perfect fit for them. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
The band is a four piece containing guitars, bass, layers of synthesizers and keyboards, a mix of electronic and regular drums, and even a saxophone. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Vocalist and guitarist Carmen Elle shreds her guitar behind her head. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Indie duo Tegan and Sara comprise of twin sisters from Canada, as well as a backing band for live shows. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Sara Quin singing and playing acoustic guitar. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Tegan Quin singing and playing electric guitar. The sisters share vocal, keyboard, and guitar duties depending on which song is being played. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Tegan and Sara ran through an impressive 23-song setlist that included their last five studio albums, as well as a cover. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
The set also included every song of the group's latest album "Heartthrob", though not in order. Photos by Michel Dussack
Towards the middle of the show, they performed a cover of Prince's "When You Were Mine". Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Tegan and Sara closed out their main set with "Closer", their most successful song to date. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
When the duo returned for an encore, they first ran through a medley of no fewer than six of their songs. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Next up was a rousing performance of their classic cut "Living Room". Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Tegan and Sara ended the night with "Feel It In My Bones," a Tiesto song that they provided vocals for, which had the entire crowd dancing. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Tegan and Sara seem to be at a crossroads between their older more guitar-based material and their newer more synthesized music. However, when you can give the crowd both in one performance, everybody wins. Photos by Michel Dussack
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