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Stephen Colbert was the longest-running correspondent on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" from 1997 to 2005, at which point he got his own late-night satire show, "The Colbert Report." Now he's slated to take over David Letterman's spot as host of "The Late Show" in 2015. Click through to recap some of the best moments of Colbert's career.

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Stephen Colbert has always been a comedian. He's performed in Chicago, and written and acted for "Saturday Night Live." Colbert got his major breakthrough as the longest-running correspondent on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" from 1997 to 2005. He left "The Daily Show" when he got his own late-night satire show, "The Colbert Report."
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Colbert, invited to guest host the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner in 2006, ends up slamming President George W. Bush and the entire Administration in a comedy act. The performance was not well-received by his political audience, but became a viral hit on the Internet.
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In fall 2007, Colbert decided to run for President––spurred by a fast-growing Facebook fan group that urged him on. The joke campaign actually saw Colbert pulling in higher numbers than Bill Richardson, an actual candidate. "I don't want to be president, I want to run for president," Colbert is quoted as saying. "There's a difference."
Colbert was the face of Newsweek's June 15, 2009 issue, titled "Iraq." As their first ever guest editor, Colbert wrote the issue's Top of the Week, Letters, Conventional Wisdom and more, using the opportunity to put pressure on the media and the government over the Iraq War.
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A broken wrist in 2007 was the star of Colbert's show and his ensuing red silicon "WristStrong" bracelets, a tongue-in-cheek campaign to raise awareness against wrist violence. Colbert also had everyone sign his cast, which was eventually removed live on the show and auctioned for $17,200.
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Colbert revealed some surprising dance moves in 2008 when he filmed a dance-off against South Korean pop star Rain. Colbert has held a personal grudge against Rain since 2006, the first time the Asian singer was voted World's Most Influential Person on a poll.
In 2009, Colbert and his fan base, called "Colbert Nation," helped the U.S. speedskating team raise $300,000 to go to the Winter Olympics after their primary sponsor went bankrupt. "Colbert Nation" was subsequently emblazoned on the team's uniforms, and Colbert was invited to attend the Games as the team's assistant sports psychologist.
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Colbert took "The Colbert Report" to Iraq to perform for U.S. military personnel at the Al Faw Palace in 2009. His face is priceless after President Barack Obama himself gave General Ray Odierno the go-ahead to shave off Colbert's hair into a more military look.
EMPTY_CAPTION"The Colbert Report" has won four Primetime Emmy awards, seven Producers Guild of America awards, four Writers Guild of America awards, and more (according to IMDB).
On Thursday, April 10, 2014, CBS announced that Colbert will succeed David Letterman as the host of "The Late Show." Colbert has signed a five-year agreement, which will start when Letterman retires in 2015.
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