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‘SNL': Cold Open Tackles Aaron Rodgers and Youngkin's Win in Virginia

The show returned after a short break poking fun at this week's elections, and had the debut of James Austin Johnson playing Donald Trump


"Saturday Night Live" returned this weekend with Cecily Strong kicking off the cold open with a spoof of the "Judge Jeanine Pirro Justice Show." The Fox News host (Strong) began by interviewing Aaron Rodgers, played by Pete Davidson, about not getting his COVID-19 vaccine, even though he previously stated he was “immunized.”

“So what? Who the hell cares?” Strong said. “It’s your body, your choice. And please never use that quote for any other issue.”

When asked about whether or not he lied about his vaccination status, he explained that he huddled with the team and told them he’s “more or less immunized. Go team!”

Next up was Glenn Youngkin (Alex Moffat), the governor-elect in Virginia. He talked about critical race theory and brought along a concerned parent, played by Heidi Gardner. “When my son brought home a copy of ‘Beloved’ by Toni Morrison, I put down my copy of ‘Fifty Shades,’ and said, ‘No, a woman? Named Toni? Not in my ‘Merica.”

Moffat’s Youngkin said he was happy to say he won without help from the former president, which led to James Austin Johnson’s appearance of Donald Trump, who Strong referred to as “former and basically current president of the United States.”

“Thank you, thank you so much,” Johnson’s Trump said. “I just wanted to congratulate Glenn Youngkin and mostly myself, for his victory in Virginia. Glenn, we did it together.”

“You don’t have to say it like that,” Moffat’s Youngkin responded.

The two continued to go back and forth about how Youngkin did not want to be associated with Trump, even asking to be taken off the split screen at one point during the segment.

Johnson's Trump then proceeded to do a series of "rundowns" about random topics such as "Dune," "Star Wars" and "Game of Thrones."

The parody version of Trump continued, "I see a lot of possibility with "Dune." I see a lot of possibility — two, three, four, 15 movies — and frankly, I see a lot of possibility with Virginia.”

"Glenn, you're like my son," Trump said at one point.

"Please don't say that," Youngkin replied.

Trump added that the “awful PC Police” do not like Youngkin. “You can’t please them at all,” Johnson said. “They don’t even like Chris Pratt as Mario. And you know what? I’m very close with Mario. I’m very close with Luigi. Our wives play golf together."

Kieran Culkin, the night's host, opened his "SNL" monologue with reflecting on his experience playing Roman Roy on the hit HBO show, "Succession."

“He’s one of the nicer characters on the show,” Culkin explained, “which still makes him one of the top 10 worst human beings on TV.”

He mentioned his appearance on the "SNL" episode his brother, Macaulay Culkin, hosted back in November 1991 - almost thirty years to the day.

Subsequently, he recalled when he was on stage for the goodnights back in 1991, he asked Kevin Nealon to pick him up, which the cast member did—and he just “started hamming it up” for the cameras.

In the first sketch of the night, Matias from Spectrum Cable (Mikey Day) called to assist Brad (Kieran Culkin) with canceling his cable bill. Culkin gets transferred multiple times to other Spectrum technicians, all heavily promoting the addition of a landline installation, while he keeps getting placed on hold.

"Your call is important to us, and will be answered in the order that we feel like," the telephone voiceover says.

The first pre-taped skit, "The Heist" had Kieran Culkin as the mastermind behind a plan to steal a Lamborghini. Chris Redd played the thief, incredibly confused by the car's layout, realizing it is a stick shift.

Culkin tried to give him instructions on how to drive.

"You want me to drive with two feet? Who do you think I am? Fred Flintstone?" Redd quipped back.

In this reoccurring sketch, Ego Nwodim plays Dionne Warwick on "Dionne Warwick Talk Show," having a slate of different celebrity guests appear.

Ed Sheeran, the show's musical guest, playing as himself makes an appearance. Most notably, Nwodim brings out the actual 80-year-old Dionne Warwick during the sketch. "I'm not perfect, just very, very good," she retorts.

In the "Men's Room" sketch, Bowen Yang, Redd and other cast members have an awkward exchange in the men's bathroom during work, which ultimately leads to them having multiple nervous introspections. Tracy Morgan makes a surprise appearance.

Sheeran performed his first song of the night "Shivers" on the "SNL" stage, after previously announcing two weeks ago he tested positive for coronavirus. This week, he previously appeared on TODAY to say that he tested negative and was ready to perform.

Colin Jost began 'Weekend Update' with the latest top story of the $1 trillion infrastructure package that recently passed in Congress late Friday night.

He points out that the bill is intended to expand internet access across the country, which might not be the healthiest thing.

"When has more internet ever been bad for America" as a photo of Jan. 6 Capitol rioters appeared on screen.

In another 'Weekend Update" segment, Strong appeared as "Goober the Clown," who had an abortion when she was 23, comes on to discuss the controversial Texas abortion law. "We will not go back to the alley," she squeaks after inhaling helium.

Next week Jonathan Majors hosts with musical guest Taylor Swift.

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