Runway Report: Prabal Gurung

The look at Gurung was all Marilyn Monroe: bombshell cocktail dresses and va-va-voom tailoring.

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Prabal Gurung spring 2014 at New York Fashion Week
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Prabal Gurung's roster of regulars includes ladies on far ends of the style spectrum (Michelle Obama on one, Gaga on the other). For spring, Gurung looked back to the original bombshell, Marilyn Monroe, whose voluptuous silhouettes were given a lean, mean makeover.
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Though the mood was faintly '50s, fabric treatments and digital graphics were decidedly futuristic, as in PVC outerwear pieces like this cropped jacket printed with a black and white rose motif.
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Some of the more daring looks seemed to have strolled out of an exhibit at MoMA. This slim pencil skirt and top featured a three-dimensional rose applique and swooping black thorns.
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The Marilyn muse came vividly to life in Gurung's pale pink frocks. Here, a slim pencil skirt and matching top with a cheeky ruffle detail along the sleeve.
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Gurung is known for his flatteringly tight, nipped-in silhouettes, and spring's latest crop looked more ferocious than ever.
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You can practically hear Marilyn's giddy giggle when you see Gurung's ruffled halter tops and body-hugging printed pencil skirts.
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Flirty feathered and beaded accents gave this rigid black and white cocktail dress a classic Hollywood vibe.
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This strapless silhouette may be pure Marilyn, but the details are all Prabal: a razor-sharp, off-the-shoulder strap adds edge, as do strips of beading on the skirt that form a glittery collage.
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Another dreamy pale pink slip dress (a major trend for spring '14) with subtle ruching through the body.
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This ain't your grandma's floral housecoat: Gurung adorned see-through PVC with his blue rose print.
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