MoviePass, Movie Ticket App That Closed in 2019, Plans to Relaunch

The subscription-based service is looking for a second act

Darron Cummings/AP

MoviePass is getting a reboot.

The subscription-based movie ticket service plans to relaunch this summer, nearly three years after shutting down amid financial woes.

MoviePass founding chief executive Stacy Spikes announced the plans during an event at Lincoln Center in New York City on Thursday afternoon.

The original incarnation of MoviePass gained a cult following in 2018 with a simple sales pitch. The service allowed subscribers to see a movie in theaters as often as once a day for $10 a month.

MoviePass helped popularize a subscription model that was soon embraced by other companies. In the summer of 2018, for example, AMC Theatres rolled out a program that allows subscribers to see up to three movies a week for a monthly fee.

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