Late Night at The Blue Note: Krissy Krissy

Brooklyn singer songwriter Krissy Krissy fills The Blue Note with fans as a part of the Late Night Groove Series at the legendary venue

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Michel Dussack
Brooklyn singer songwriter Krissy Krissy fills The Blue Note with fans as a part of the Late Night Groove Series at the legendary venue. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
The singer preformed with a four piece band, including drummer Joshua "Conc3pt" Keitt. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
After receiving airplay from MTV and iHeartRadio in 2012, Krissy Krissy is on the verge of a breakthrough year. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Guitarist Marcos Robinson. The four piece band brought a more indie rock vibe to the songs. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
At the heart, however, she is a singer-songwriter, and the most powerful instrument on stage was her voice. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Bassist Jameson "L.A." Jones. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Krissy Krissy ran through a 15 song set, including material from her debut EP and upcoming (and still untitled) debut LP. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Pianist Stephen Hall. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Krissy Krissy also played guitar on a couple of tracks during the set. Photos by Michel Dussack
One would expect a 12:30 AM set to not sell well, however the venue was packed with enthusiastic fans. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
At one point in between songs, a fan yelled out a request for her to cover Amy Winehouse's "Valerie". The singer directed each band member on exactly what to play on their instruments before singing a beautiful rendition of the song. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Afterwards, another fan yelled out for her to cover Adele, and again, Krissy Krissy happily obliged her fans and performed a cover of "Rolling in the Deep". Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
One might also expect a 12:30 set to be shorter than normal, however the singer performed for well over an hour, even more impressive considering she's only released one EP. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
However, many of the songs played were from her upcoming full length album, which is currently in the works. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
The songs ranged in tone throughout the night, with most of them being upbeat. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Even a song about discovering a cheating lover was given a humorous and upbeat treatment by the singer. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
However, "Above All" (also the name of her EP), was a somber note as the song is written about her late father. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
The night ended on an upbeat note, with "Dream" closing out her set. The single has garnered over 250,000 views on YouTube already, and it seemed everyone in the venue was singing along happily. Photos by Michel Dussack
Michel Dussack
Krissy Krissy poses after her set on the stage of The Blue Note. Photos by Michel Dussack
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