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Broadway Theater Adds Infrared Camera After Jesse Williams' Full-Frontal Leak

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A new infrared camera has been added to the ranks of a Broadway theater's enhanced security operations in hopes of combating further leaks of the "Take Me Out" revival.

The Second Stage Theater confirmed earlier reports of added security measures after a video was posted to social media showing actor Jesse Williams naked during the play, apparently captured by an audience member.

Producers of the revival had already instituted a cell-phone ban that required all attendees lock their devices away in specialty cases for the duration of the play.

The New York Times reported this week that a second infrared camera was installed inside the Hayes Theater Wednesday, aimed at the audience, that can "get a clearer image of individual audience members."

Second Stage Theater has vowed to remove all online videos of the "Grey's Anatomy" star after a video from the play went viral on social media. Extra staff have also been hired to help enforce the show's no-phone rules.

"We are appalled that this policy has been violated and unauthorized footage of our acting company has been posted," a statement from the theater read. "It is deeply unfortunate that one audience member chose to disrespect the production, their fellow audience members, and, most importantly, the cast in this manner."

The statement went on to slam the audience member who snuck the video, calling their actions a "gross and unacceptable violation of trust between the actor and audience."

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