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'SNL': Will Ferrell Returns as George W. Bush



    George W. Bush is pretty comfortable poking fun at the GOP presidential candidates, well at least when Will Ferrell is playing him on "Saturday Night Live."

    The "SNL" alum reprised his role as the 43rd president during the show's cold open. Faced with a "messed up" field of Republican candidates, Ferrell announced that he was entering the horserace for president and even debuted his campaign song.

    "Ready or not, here I come. You can't hide. I'm gonna find you, and make you love me," Ferrell said, singing the Fugees' '90s hit with a southern twang.

    "Dubbya" dove right in to critiquing some of his "rivals."

    "Dr. Ben Carson, I can't barely hear him when he talks," Ferrell said of the retired neurosurgeon, adding that as the president of the United States visiting foreign countries, "you have to talk loud so they will understand."

    Next, Ferrell went after the "gutsy" Carly Fiorina, recalling her failed Senate bid and dismissal from Hewlett-Packard.

    "She’s not qualified in any way to be president. In many ways, she reminds me of me,” he quipped.

    As for Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, Ferrell pointed out that he loves his Mexican "amigos," unlike the two "sons of immigrants" in the race who "hate immigrants.”

    "The way I see it, unless your name is Running Bear or Chief Two-Rivers, we are all 'anchor babies,'" Ferrell quipped to loud applause. The pejorative term has been used by some Republican candidates referencing children born in the U.S. to a noncitizen mother as a way to help secure citizenship or legal residency.

    Taking aim at the GOP front-runner, Ferrell laughed hysterically over a photo of Donald Trump and pointedly knocked the real-estate moguls controversial proposal to ban Muslims from entering the United States.

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    “Whenever I get in a bad mood, I just picture his big fat orange Oompa-Loompa face and I just piss my pants,” he said.

    No candidate was safe, not even his 'brother' Jeb Bush.

    "You got to admit, it's a pretty good plot twist that I turned out to be the smart one," Ferrell-as-Bush concluded.

    Host Chris Hemsworth, back for the second time since making his "SNL" debut a mere eight months ago, terrorized the cast during his monologue. People's Sexiest Man Alive is currently making the publicity rounds for the whaling drama "In the Heart of the Sea."