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'SNL' Mocks 'Nutjob' Trump Defender Scottie Nell Hughes

Peter Dinklage made his hosting debut with musical guest Gwen Stefani



    "Saturday Night Live" went after real-life Donald Trump supporter Scottie Nell Hughes, days after the conservative political commentator defended the candidate's controversial comments on abortion. 

    “As a woman, I like Donald Trump, but as a full-blown nutjob, I freakin’ love him,” said Hughes, played by cast member Cecily Strong, in the show's first cold open since March 12. 

    CNN host Kate Bolduan, played by "SNL's" Kate McKinnon, pressed Hughes on why she continued to support the GOP front-runner in light of his recent string of misogynist antics.

    "He retweeted a sexist, unflattering photo of Ted Cruz's wife," Bolduan said, reminding Hughes of one of the latest controversies surrounding her favorite presidential candidate.

    "So no, so that was an accident, okay?" Hughes stammered, explaining that Trump's "hands are just so big he can’t see every little tweet his fingers retweet" —  a reference to Trump's public assurance that neither his hands nor anything else was small, as his former rival Marco Rubio once suggested.

    On Saturday, Trump told the New York Times that the retweet was a "mistake" and that "if [he] had to do it again [he] wouldn't have sent it."

    Throughout the sketch, Bolduan tried to challenge Hughes' steadfast support, by showing her a series of clips from Trump rallies — each one more egregious than the next. "SNL" alumn Darrel Hammond reprised his role as Trump for montage. Top Celeb Pics: Milan Fashion WeekTop Celeb Pics: Milan Fashion Week

    In one clip Hammond's Trump makes an inappropriate comment about his daughter Ivanka's "rack."

    "Isn’t my daughter Ivanka the best?” Trump asked a crowd of supporters before gushing about the new mom at a campaign rally  “She’s so smart, so talented — and what a rack. And she just had a baby, can you imagine that rack now? It is just tremendous.”

    In another clip, he leads a chant of "women suck!" while in a third, he repeatedly punches a supporter, played by Bobby Moynihan, in the face. After each clip, Hughes comes to his defense, arguing that Trump is "creating a dialogue about women," that his comments about his daughter were being twisted by the media and that he was only assaulting a rally-goer to help "punch" a bee from his face.

    "You can't break me, Kate, because I’m crazy. And crazy don’t break," she finally told Bolduan as the questioning wrapped up. 

    The real Scottie Nell Hughes retweeted clips from the sketch including a GIF of Hammond's Trump punching a supporter in the face. She also tweeted that she was honored to be played by Strong "as she is my fav current cast member."

    Hughes drew attention last week after appearing on CNN to defend Trump's comments on abortion. Trump had recently backtracked from a remark he made about how women who get illegal abortions should face "some sort of punishment." Hughes insisted that the comment was the result of the media backing Trump into a corner.

    The cold open ended with Hughes and Bolduan finding a patch of common ground: After rejecting Hughes' assertion that they could both agree Trump was "drop dead gorgeous" and "bringing trade back so we can make American grapes again," Bolduan accepted her final declaration that Trump "is way better than Ted Cruz."

    "Okay, yes. That I do agree on," Bolduan said.

    Peter Dinklage made his hosting debut with musical guest Gwen Stefani, who joined him for a sketch about lounge singers singing while a mob boss tried to threaten his employees.

    In honor of the upcoming sixth season premiere, Dinklage gave "Game of Thrones" fans a behind the scenes sneak peek with Kate McKinnon as Daenerys Targaryen and Bobby Moynihan playing a motion caption dragon.

    "Season 6 finds Tyrion in the service of Daenerys Targaryen, and that means I finally get some screen time with those scene stealers, the dragons," Dinklage said. 

    Colin Jost and Michael Che continued the Trump conversation in Weekend Update, which they opened with a recap of his abortion comments. 

    "During an MSNBC town hall on Wednesday, Trump said women should be punished for getting abortions," Jost said. "Then an hour later he said doctors should be punished. Then an hour after that he said we should just let the states decide. Then the next day he said you know what? Let’s just leave the laws alone, before finally saying, 'yes when I’m president I'm going to change those laws." 

    "At this point," Jost concluded, "Donald Trump has to be pro-choice because he has made all of the choices.”

    Che also weighed in on Trump's fumbled response to questions on his abortion stance. "The answer is never 'women should be punished,'" he said. "You don’t say that on TV!"