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Queen Elizabeth II Sends Her First Tweet



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    Britain's Queen Elizabeth II

    Queen Elizabeth II tweets.

    The British Monarch sent her first missive from the @BritishMonarchy Twitter account Friday morning to herald the opening of the Information Age exhibition at London's Science Museum, which fittingly celebrates the history of information and communication technology.

    "It is a pleasure to open the Information Age exhibition today at the @sciencemuseum and I hope people will enjoy visiting. Elizabeth R," read the tweet.

    Immediately following the above tweet, another was issued stating: "The last tweet was sent personally by The Queen from her official Twitter account @BritishMonarchy #TheQueenTweets."

    According to another tweet from @BritishMonarchy sent earlier Friday, the Queen, 88, was also the first monarch to send an email (it was actually via an early from of the technology known as ARPANET) while on a visit to a military base in 1976.

    The Queen is not the first member of the Royal Family to take to social media. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge used the Clarence House account to announce the arrival of Prince George in 2013, and to reveal the news he would be having a baby brother or sister in 2014. Prince Harry sent his first ever tweet earlier this year when he launched the Invictus Games.

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