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Pitt Challenges Fallon To "Double Yodel" From NYC Roof

Brad Pitt stars alongside Jimmy Fallon in a clip that aired on Tuesday's "Late Night"



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    A hard day at work can make anyone want to scream.

    As Jimmy Fallon proved, a good midday rooftop "yodel" can be the perfect way to de-stress. Brad Pitt got in on the unconventional singing technique for a bit that aired on Tuesday's "Late Night."

    The video shows Fallon, exasperated from his mounting workload, escaping to the rooftop of his office building for some fresh air. As he takes in the views of Manhattan, Fallon lets out a yodel and receives an unexpected yodel reply from Brad Pitt on a nearby roof.

    Fallon: "Brad?"

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    Pitt: "Jimmy? What are you doing up there?"

    Fallon: "Yodeling…you?"

    Pitt: "Same."

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    Fallon next compliments Pitt for his work in "World War Z," in yodel-speak of course, and Pitt then makes an unprecedented request: attempt the never before accomplished "double yodel."

    With intense focus and concentration, the pair belt out an elegantly harmonized yodel duet. Check out the clip below.

    "World War Z" premieres in theaters on June 21 and "Late Night" airs on NBC at 12:35 a.m. on weeknights.

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