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Timberlake Talks to Fallon about “SNL,” New Album

JT will be on “Late Night” every day this week.



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    Justin Timberlake will be on "Fallon" all week.

    Justin Timberlake, wearing a black leather jacket and a slicked-back hairdo, gabbed it up Monday evening with Jimmy Fallon on “Late Night.” And for real Timberlake fans there’s more great news: JT will be on “Late Night” every day this week!

    Monday night Timberlake and Fallon had a lot to talk about. Two nights ago Timberlake had hosted “Saturday Night Live”—and was also the show’s musical guest—for the fifth time, which put him in quite an exclusive club of five-time hosts, a club that includes such giants as Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks, and Martin Short.

    Fallon said how much he loved Timberlake’s appearance on “SNL” even though he was watching it at home high on cold medicine. Timberlake also confessed to being sick and “on drugs” at the moment.

    The two also talked about the “SNL” appearance of the “D**k in a Box” guys (Timberlake and Andy Samberg) and went back and forth singing to each other nasal, high-pitched variations of “yaaaaaaaaaay.”

    Timberlake also talked about performing his single “Suit & Tie” on “SNL” with Jay-Z. Seeing an opportunity there, Fallon casually brought up the fact that Timberlake changed some of the song’s lyrics for that performance. Timberlake played it cool and didn’t go into too much detail, so here’s some background info: Kanye West had dissed the “Suit & Tie” single, and as a kind of reply Timberlake hit back by changing one of the lines in his song to, “My hit’s so sick, got rappers acting dramatic.”

    Eventually JT and Fallon got to talk about the new record, “The 20/20 Experience,” and the “Late Night” host praised the hell out of it: “The record is insane! … This is one of those CDs you get and you hang in the car from the rearview mirror and you drive around, Yeah, I got my ‘20/20.’”

    Timberlake performed his new song “Pusher Love Girl.”

    And don't forget: JT will be back on "Late Night" every night this week.