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Lindsay Lohan Checks in to Rehab Facility

The troubled actress began a court-mandated 90-day rehab sentence Thursday even though prosecutors are yet to sign off on the chosen facility



    Lindsay Lohan Checks in to Rehab Facility
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    Actress Lindsay Lohan

    Actress Lindsay Lohan is back in rehab as per the plea deal struck with a California judge in March.

    During a court appearance Thurdsay morning in Los Angeles, Lohan's attorney Mark Heller informed Superior Court Judge James R. Dabney that his client was "ensconced" in the Morningside Recovery Center in Newport Beach, Calif.

    Lohan, 26, pled no contest to crimes of reckless driving, obstructing officers and lying to police over a traffic incident that occurred on the Pacific Coast Highway in 2012. She will spend 90 days in a lockdown rehabilitation facility, perform 30 days of community labor and must undergo 18 months of psychological counseling.

    But the location chosen for where the "Mean Girls" star will complete the court-ordered rehab stint is still a point of conjecture.

    Previously expected to enter the Seafield Center in Westhampton, N.Y., Lohan decided to head to the Morningside Center instead. A change that prosecutors, and the judge, have yet to sign off on.

    Santa Monica City Attorney Terry White challenged the change of facility Thursday morning in court, saying he was "completely blindsided" by Lohan's placement at Morningside because Heller had previously agreed to send the actress to a different, agreed upon facility. White told Dabney that he learned of the switch only the previous day via media coverage of the actress and had not had sufficient time to fully investigate the new location. White also expressed misgivings about Morningside, saying he had found three news articles "condemning" the rehab center.

    Though Dabney reviewed paperwork concerning Morningside and said that on face value the program Lohan is enrolled in "appears to comply" with the court-ordered requirements, he gave prosecutors until May 10 to inform him whether or not they approve the facility. If not, a hearing will then be set to determine a different, mutually acceptable location to which Lohan would then be transferred. Dabney said Lohan should remain in the program for now.

    The change of location from east coast to west was reportedly due to smoking requirements. Morningside, unlike the Seafield Center, allows its residents to smoke in designated areas.

    Cigarettes aren't the only thing Lohan appears to require for her 90 day stay. On Tuesday night, she posted a photo on her Instagram account of herself amid luggage and clothing, along with the caption "90 days and 270 looks." The post was later deleted.

    "I don't think [rehab] is a bad thing," Lohan said when she appeared on "The Late Show with David Letterman" in April. "I think it's a blessing...and not a curse." This will be her sixth rehab stint since 2007, one of which was a court-ordered stay following a failed drug test.

    At the March hearing, a mandatory 5 days of jail time for reckless driving was folded into her rehab time. Lohan must also submit to drug testing and stay clear of drugs and known drug users.