WATCH: Lindsay Lohan Soaks Jimmy Fallon, Talks Oprah on "The Tonight Show" - NBC New York

WATCH: Lindsay Lohan Soaks Jimmy Fallon, Talks Oprah on "The Tonight Show"

LiLo also talked about letting phone calls from Oprah go to voicemail



    Lindsay Lohan paid a visit to Jimmy Fallon on the "Tonight Show." She discussed her docu-series on Oprah's network, OWN. (Published Wednesday, March 12, 2014)

    Lindsay Lohan and Jimmy Fallon got soaking wet while playing a game of "Water War" on "The Tonight Show."

    But before the two drenched each other, the 27-year-old "Mean Girls" star talked about her upcoming project with Oprah, an OWN docu-series.

    "It's called 'Lindsay', which is an original title," Fallon joked.

    Lohan said the network chose a dramatic point in her life as the focus of the series.

    "They picked the first two months when I got back to New York after I got treatment," Lohan said. "Of course they chose the chaos."

    She also talked about receiving phone calls from Oprah, admitting that she sometimes doesn't pick up.

    "I'm just going to be honest, there are a lot of times an unknown number comes up, and I do just want the voicemails," Lohan said.

    However, she said that she has come to lean on the media mogul.

    "I feel very lucky to work with someone like Oprah," Lohan said. "I have this really strong bond with her now where I can call her and she gives me advice."

    Lohan went on to play a game that Fallon claimed most female "Late Night" guests passed on playing.

    Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

    They played "Water War," which is like the card game "War," except with water.

    At the end, Lohan drew the highest number the most times, meaning she got the prize of shooting Fallon with a jumbo water gun.

    Fallon has also played "Water War" with Jason Statham and Ryan Reynolds.

    Although Fallon's "Tonight Show" is less than a month old, the episode marked Lohan's second appearance on the Fallon-hosted late-night talk show. She appeared on its debut, taking part in a gag involving Robert De Niro, Sarah Jessica Parker and Lady Gaga. 

    Watch the Water War below: