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Jon Hamm on the Pop Culture Obsession With His Crotch: "They're Called 'Privates' for a Reason"



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    In the latest issue of Rolling Stone, Jon Hamm is finally sounding off about the elephant in the room--the paparazzi fascination with shooting close ups of his crotch.

    The 42-year-old "Mad Men" star admits to being a little irked by the pics of his package, which not only give the impression he doesn't go in for undergarments, but has also spawned its own web memes.

    "Most of it's tongue-in-cheek, but it is a little rude," he told the magazine (via Us Weekly). "It just speaks to a broader freedom that people feel like they have--a prurience."

    The touchy subject made headlines again last week after a New York Daily News story claimed he was asked to cover up his bulge with underwear while shooting the sixth season of his Emmy-winning AMC drama because of those stiff '60s suits he dons as Don Draper.

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    "They're called 'privates' for a reason," Hamm continued. "I'm wearing pants, for f--k's sake. Lay off."

    While the constant crotch talk isn't his cup of tea, the actor is trying not to let it go to his head, though he did call it a downside to fame.

    "I mean, it's not like I'm a f---king lead miner. There are harder jobs in the world," he said. "But when people feel the freedom to create Tumblr accounts about my c--k, I feel like that wasn't part of the deal."

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    Hamm did however admit that there could be worse things said about him.

    "But whatever, I guess it's better than being called out for the opposite," he added.

    Look at this way, Jon. At least people don't call you Fat Betty.

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