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Jon Stewart Picks Fight With Another Pizza

"The Daily Show" host still managed to dis Chicago in latest rant.



    Jon Stewart Picks Fight With Another Pizza

    Jon Stewart apparently has a major beef with certain types of pizza, and he's not done venting about it.

    A week after panning Chicago's deep-dish pizza, likening it to (ahem) "having sex with a corpse made of sand paper," Stewart picked a fight with another pie -- while back-handedly dissing the Windy City.

    "As we all know there is truly only one abomination in the state of Hawaii," the talk show host said on "The Daily Show" this week, "and it is their [bleeping] disgusting pizza. I mean, ham and pineapple? Even Chicago thinks your pizza is disgusting."

    Obsessing much?

    Stewart's latest rant came in conjunction with Hawaii becoming the 15th state to legalize gay marriage, a move he called "great news." (Skip 5 minutes into the video below.)

    It's not clear how Hawaii will respond to the dig, but if Chicago can claim anything these days, it's that the city's mayor knows how to fight back.

    Rahm Emanuel sent the show a couple pizzas loaded with anchovies and a note that read "Jon, Deep Dish With Dead Fish, Love, Rahm," and a tweet saying "No hard feelings?"