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Jason Sudeikis' Coach Ted Lasso Is Back and He's Obsessed With England



    What with World Cup Fever hangover, it's no surprise that Coach Ted Lasso found himself a new career as a football analyst.

    Well, analyst might be a strong word...

    In honor of NBC's upcoming coverage of Barclays Premier League play, the Texas-born American-football coach, played by a mustachioed, aviator-shades-wearing Jason Sudeikis, is back in action.

    First up, he has taken all of the knowledge he gleaned from six and a half hours of coaching Tottenham Hotspur F.C. and parlayed that into "some football pundintry"--mainly "alongside Arlo White and that golden, velvety, yummy voice of his," which is how Lasso describes his fellow sportscaster in a new glimpse at his latest gig released just yesterday.

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    "I mean, that guy sounds like Elle Macpherson fartin' into Miles Davis' trumpet," he gushes.

    Lasso admits that he made some "mild rookie mistakes" during his first live broadcast with beautiful blond sportscaster Rebecca Lowe when he first reported for "pundintry" duty--"Oh, it's live? How was I supposed to know that?!" he smiles affably, thinking that "live" was being used as a verb--but overall he thinks it went great.

    Well, we certainly wouldn't mind if if NBC Sports made Lasso a regular, especially now that he's turned his apartment back home into a "teeny tiny England" and is driving a "Mini Bradley Cooper."

    But for now, he's busy coaching a youth soccer team, teaching them the fundamentals of "relegation" and the importance of having a "sponsorship from a Middle Eastern airline."

    Watch, enjoy Lasso quizzing Tim Howard about whether or not he understands the whole "offside" thing, and let the cultures clash as they may!

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