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"House of Cards" Season 2 Premiere Date Revealed



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    Actor Kevin Spacey in a promo pic for "House of Cards"

    Get ready to binge again.

    "House of Cards" is set to return for its second season on Friday, Feb. 14, Netflix announced on Wednesday. What a perfect Valentine's Day gift for all the singles out there, no?

    And keeping with Netflix's awesome more-is-more attitude, all 13-episodes of the Kevin Spacey-led series will be available for members to watch instantly. (Start apologizing to your family for your negligence now!)

    And Netflix made the announcement even sweeter with a new promo for the upcoming season of the Emmy Award-nominated series.

    Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Vogue

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    While the promo is super simple, featuring Robin Wright just smoking a cigarette with no background music or anything, it's super sleek and stylish, which is exactly why we love "House of Cards."

    And in a press release, Netflix previewed that fans can expect from the second season: Francis (Spacey) and Claire (Wright) will "continue their ruthless rise to power as threats mount on all fronts." Some of those threats include up-and-coming reporter Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara), who is close to uncovering his crimes, and billionaire Raymond Tusk (Gerald McRaney) is demanding Francis reciprocate political favors or face retribution, while Claire will continue to grapple with being in the spotlight. "The Underwood's must overcome these dangers -- past and present -- to avoid losing everything, regardless of collateral damage they leave in their wake," Netflix teased.