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"Game of Thrones" Reveals Joffrey's Killer, A Relationship Crumbles on "Mad Men" and More OMG TV Moments



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    Oh, Sunday night TV, how we love thee. "Game of Thrones" finally gave viewers the answer to the biggest mystery of the season, along with a shocking revelation from the White Walkers. "Mad Men's" Don Draper faced a rollercaoster ride of emotions on Sunday's all-new hour, while "Once Upon a Time" presented fans with a spellbinding episode that answered all of our most burning questions. All that and more in this edition of OMG TV Moments!

    "Game of Thrones": Welcome back to Westeros, "GoT" fans! While Tyrion was rightfully freaking out about his impending trial for King Joffrey's murder, Jaime came and offered his brother some much-needed comfort. It's clear that after last week's controversial rape scene, that the relationship between Jaime and Cersei is completely shattered. Especially given the fact that Cersai tasked her brother with the mission of finding and killing Sansa, and instead Jaime enlisted Brienne to go off and keep her safe.

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    Meanwhile, our eldest Stark girl finally learned the truth as to how Joffrey was killed: Littlefinger allied himself with Lady Olenna, who then used one of the poisonous stones from Sansa's necklace to poison Joffrey at his own wedding feast. As for our once again queen-to-be, Margaery was given hints that her grandmother was behind Joffrey's demise, and was then heavily encouraged to bond with Tommen before Cersei could turn the new king against her. Daenerys easily captured Mereeen, and against the advice of one of her companions, tortured the masters of the city the exact same way they tortured all those little girls.

    And beyond the wall, Bran and Co. were captured by Karl and the rest of his rape-loving crew at Craster's Keep. Luckily, Jon Snow and some brave volunteers are already on their way to Craster's Keep, so hopefully a Stark reunion is in our near future. As for tonight's most jaw-dropping revelation? It turns out the white walkers do not eat the babies that Craster had sacrificed. Instead, with one touch, the white walkers transform the infants into their own blue-eyed kind. Craaaazy!

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    "Mad Men": Listen up, Don Draper fans, because we've got some good news and some bad news. The good news: Roger offered Don his job back and although it comes with a huge list of stipulations--including no drinking in the office, and having to report to Lou--Don happily accepted the terms. The bad news: Don finally came clean to Megan about his absence from work, and it was just one lie too many. Megan ended their marriage faster than we could say, 'California.'

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    "Revenge": We think it's about time for another death in the Hamptons, don't you? Emily posed as an undercover Homeland Security agent and tricked Pasquale into wearing a wire at the app launch party to try and get Conrad's Flight 197 confession. Up on the roof, as he was trying to get the goods on tape, Conrad refused to answer and he shoved Pasquale--right into the spinning propellers of his helicopter. Yikes! While Victoria was off swearing to get revenge on her ex-husband for killing her new fiance, Charlotte was enjoying a peaceful walk along the beach. That is, until a masked man came up, grabbed her, and dragged her kicking and screaming body off into the unknown.

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    "Once Upon a Time": It's time for a speed-round of answers: Ready... set... go! The Wicked Witch can be defeated if our fairytale crew can steal her pendant--aka the source of all her magic. But the only person who has to ability to take it is someone with enough light magic--aka Emma. Back in the lost Fairytale Land year, Snow was the one who cast the curse, and David sacrificed himself in order to make it possible. However at the last minute, Snow asked Regina to split her heart in two to save David, (and it worked!) thus ensuring that Snow and Charming are officially two halves of a whole heart. Awwww.

    Zelena was the one who caused everyone to lose the memories in the first place, but by the end of tonight's hour everyone's lost memories were restored. (Yes, even Henry's!) As for how Hook knew that he needed to help and find Emma? Zelena gave Rumple a memory potion just before the curse. Neal took control of his father's body, scribbled a note, and sent the potion off with a carrier pigeon to give Hook his mission. (We're still not sure how Hook was able to travel from one realm to another though...)

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