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First "Into the Woods" Teaser Trailer Is Out



    The feature adaptation of the Stephen Sondheim musical "Into the Woods" hits theaters on Dec. 25 in a blaze of Rob Marshall-directed musical glory starring Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, Anna Kendrick and Johnny Depp.

    James Lapine, who wrote the book for the Tony-winning Broadway show, also wrote the screenplay.

    But for those who were hoping for a taste of the Sondheim songs being tackled by the supremely talented cast... sorry, the first teaser trailer for the film, released Thursday, contains no singing.

    Instead, the 1-minute, 48-second teaser sets up the basic frame of the story, which encompasses a number of familiar fairy-tale faces and tropes (Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood, a beanstalk) and combines them with one pissed-off witch, played with scene-chewing glee by Streep.

    Also our apologies to those who couldn't wait to see more Depp, who plays the Wolf--we only get a glimpse of his claw-like hand and gold-trimmed fedora.

    There is a nice shot of Chris Pine's Prince, however (Kendrick's Cinderella is one lucky lady) and the set design is predictably stunning.

    Watch the trailer now.

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