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"Dancing With the Stars" Wants Lance Armstrong--Now More Than Ever

Sources confirm former professional cyclist has been asked "several times" to hit the ballroom, but he has declined.



    "Dancing With the Stars" Wants Lance Armstrong--Now More Than Ever
    Lance Armstrong has declined offers to perform on "Dancing with the Stars."

    We all know Lance Armstrong looks good in skin-tight gear, but how about bedazzled Spandex and a spray tan? We may never know.

    Armstrong has been asked "several times" over the years to do ABC's "Dancing with the Stars," show sources confirm to E! News. Each time he has declined.

    Producers asked Armstrong to take part in the next installment, set to air this Spring, but the former professional cyclist again said no. Show insiders tell us "DWTS" is interested in casting him now more than ever, after his headline-grabbing Oprah Winfrey interview, in which he admitted to doping. "The higher-ups feel he is exactly what the show needs to bring back viewers," says one source.

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    "Lance has been offered the show each and every year since its inception. Although flattered he has passed on their generous offers," a spokesperson for Armstrong told EW, who first broke the story.

    According to "DWTS" insiders, producers are courting a "more sensational" and "youthful" cast for the upcoming season after the most recent All-Star season flatlined, something ABC Entertainment President Paul Lee hinted at earlier this month at the TV Critics press tour.

    "We still intend to keep ['DWTS'] going twice a year," he told reporters. "It's still a big, broad, crowd pleaser. I think the All-Star version made it a little bit older. I think we have the ability of casting fresh and bringing in the younger audience again. We think there's a lot of life in it--16 million viewers is a lot of viewers." Season 16 premieres March 18.

    ABC does not comment on casting rumors.

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