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The 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang

The 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang

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Chloe Kim Wants Some Mid-Competition Ice Cream

The tweet sparked the hashtag #OlympicIceCreamFlavors



    Mid-competition, U.S. halfpipe snowboarder Chloe Kim took to Twitter looking for some ice cream.

    “Could be down for some ice cream rn,” the 17-year-old tweeted on Feb. 12 in PyeongChang (Feb. 11 in the U.S.). A user asked, “Aren’t you competing right now?” to which she responded a sheepish “yes…”

    Even with Olympic gold on the line, the talented snowboarder has time for food – even in the middle of an event. Earlier in the day, she tweeted about how a particularly “bomb” churro helped calm her nerves.

    With two back-to-back food tweets in one day, maybe someone should make sure Kim is getting her sugar fix in the Olympic Village. Does she know churro ice cream bowls exist?  

    Like all great things, the Internet took Kim's ice cream craving and ran with it. 

    A poll turned into an Olympic level pun free-for-all, with some gold-worthy #OlympicIceCreamFlavors names.

    There was one for all the snowboard fans out there. 

    Alpine skier Lindsey Vonn gets her own ice cream flavor. 

    And the U.S. figure skating team, which just won team bronze, wasn't left out. 

    As for Kim, cookies and cream sounds just dandy. Maybe the Olympic Village can scrounge some up for her...

    Kim, a decorated X Games, World Snowboard Tour and Winter Youth Olympics snowboarder, performed well in her two qualifying runs on Feb. 12, earning a spot in the finals on Feb. 13 (the evening of the 12th in the U.S.). All eyes were on Kim heading into the Olympics, but after snagging the top spot after the qualifying round, halfpipe gold looks like it’ll be hers to lose. A medal tomorrow could make Kim the youngest American woman to win an Olympic medal in snowboarding, breaking teammate Kelly Clark’s gold medal in 2002 at age 18.

    Team USA Dominates Halfpipe QualifierTeam USA Dominates Halfpipe Qualifier

    Southern California native Chloe Kim got the highest score of the event with an impressive 95.50 points securing her place in the finals alongside teammates Kelly Clark, Maddie Mastro and Arielle Gold. Watch the finals on Feb. 13.

    (Published Monday, Feb. 12, 2018)