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Caitlyn Jenner's Emotional Suicide Confession in 'I Am Cait' Premiere



    Sunday's "I Am Cait" premiere included one very shocking revelation: Caitlyn Jenner once thought about committing suicide.

    In the premiere episode, Cait gets a message from Katharine Prescott, the mother of a 14-year-old trans boy who recently took his own life.

    "That's the problem that we have here is that it happens all the time," Jenner tells her mom and sisters. "Suicide is a permanent solution for a very temporary problem. And most of the ones that are at risk are these young kids. Have their whole life ahead of them. It just doesn't need to happen."

    Jenner then gets emotional as she reveals her own heartbreaking experience with contemplating suicide.

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    "I know how these kids can feel. I've had some very dark moments in my life," Cait says. "I have been in my house, with a gun and said, 'Let's just end it right here. No more pain. No more suffering.'"

    "That struggle, it's real, and I've been there," she adds.

    As E! News previously reported, Caitlyn later visited the Prescott family to provide some support and comfort. "He was going to get there and he was going to do amazing things," Katharine told Caitlyn during the visit. "He was young. He was still just 14. At that age, they just don't realize they're going to get through it, they can get through it, they can get to these wonderful things on the other side."

    "It's so hard for young people, because they just don't...they can't see the future and because of that they become extraordinarily desperate, and suicide becomes an option," Caitlyn added. "We have to do something about that."

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    Fans also got to see the moment Jenner's youngest daughter Kylie Jenner saw Cait for the first time. Caitlyn receives an unexpected FaceTime video chat from the 17-year-old and tells her "I dont' want to scare you" after answering the call. 

    "You're not scaring me," Kylie says. "You look pretty."