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"Breaking Bad" Fans Are Addicted to Each Other



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    Ashley Eubanks/AshleyEubanksPhotography.Carbonmade.com
    An engaged couple posed for a themed photo session showing their love for each other - and "Breaking Bad."

    A Texas couple truly has chemistry.

    The young lovers - soon to be wed - are "Breaking Bad" fanatics and used costumes and homemade props to recreate iconic scenes from the popular show. 

    The bride-to-be, Hannah Schuster, asked her close friend, photographer Ashley Eubanks, for the themed engagement photo session. Eubanks is going to be the maid of honor at the ceremony.

    "These photos were just for fun," Eubanks told NBC4 in an email Wednesday. "We are all huge fans of the show and thought it'd be fun to try and recreate some of the images."

    Schuster's fiance, Mackey Macaluso, created some of the props for the October shoot.

    The actual wedding will be free of hazmat suits and blue rock candy, Eubanks said.

    "Despite the crazy photos," she said, "their wedding isn't 'Breaking Bad'-themed and will be a normal wedding."