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Clinton "Wouldn't Be Surprised" If Aliens Visited Earth



    Bill Clinton "Wouldn't Be Surprised" If Aliens Visited Earth
    Former President Bill Clinton

    Bill Clinton has revealed something that is out of this world.

    During an appearance on Wednesday's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," the former U.S. commander in chief expressed his belief that we are most likely not alone.

    Clinton told host Jimmy Kimmel how, at the beginning of his second term, he had his people research Area 51 "to make sure there was no alien down there."

    The onetime leader of the free world also shared how he "had all the Roswell papers reviewed" as well.

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    And while Clinton said no evidence of aliens turned up at either location, he did note, "If we were visited someday I wouldn't be surpised."

    He playfully added, "I just hope it's not like 'Independence Day' the movie, that it's a conflict. Although, that may be the only way to unite this increasingly divided world of ours. If they're out there, think of how all the differences among people on Earth would seem small if we felt threatened by a space invader."

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    To which Kimmel quipped, "You and Bill O'Reilly would be hiding in a bunker together."

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