30 Hollywood Actors Overlooked for 2015 Tony Nominations

These A-listers may have starred on the Great White Way, but they were nowhere to be found on Tony nominations day.

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Joan Marcus
Jake Gyllenhaal made his Broadway debut in "Constellations." And while his co-star Ruth Wilson nabbed a nomination, he was left out.
Joan Marcus
Jake's sister, Maggie Gyllenhaal, was also snubbed. As was her "The Real Thing" co-star Ewan McGregor.
Joan Marcus
Cynthia Nixon, also of "The Real Thing," was ignored on Tony nomination day.
Vanessa Hudgens made her Broadway debut in "Gigi." But the "High School Musical" star couldn't graduate to a Tony nominee.
Carol Rosegg
Matthew Morrison and Kelsey Grammer may have found "Neverland," but they couldn't find a Tony nomination.
Tyne Daly starred in her first Broadway musical in 23 years. But "It Shoulda Been You" couldn't get her a Tony nomination.
Joan Marcus
Larry David wrote and starred in his first Broadway play, "Fish in the Dark." And on nomination day? He was left in the dark.
Joan Marcus
David's co-star in "Fish in the Dark," Rita Wilson, also wasn't nominated.
Joan Marcus
Nor was Rosie Perez, who did double duty this season, starring in "Fish in the Dark" and co-hosting "The View."
Richard Termine
Hugh Jackman won't be hosting the Tony Awards this year. And after not receiving a nomination for "The River," he probably won't be attending either!
Joan Marcus
"It's Only a Play" may have been a box-office smash. But the show -- and it's celeb cast, including Rupert Grint, Megan Mullally, Matthew Broderick, Nathan Lane and Stockard Channing -- didn't get a single nomination
"Disgraced" picked up a nomination for Best Play. But it's star, Josh Radnor, of "How I Met Your Mother" fame, didn't.
Joan Marcus
Blythe Danner didn't get a nomination for "The Country House." GOOP!
"This Is Our Youth" nabbed a surprise nomination for Best Revival of a Play, but its stars, Kieran Culkin and Michael Cera, were snubbed.
Joan Marcus
"You Can't Take It With You" also received a nomination for Best Revival of a Play. But its star, James Earl Jones, wasn't recognized for playing the family's patriarch.
Joan Marcus
"Bridesmaids" star Rose Byrne, who made her Broadway debut in "You Can’t Take It With You," also wasn't given a nomination.
Joan Marcus
Jerry O'Connell ("We Are Men") and Anna Chlumsky ("Veep") co-star in "Living on Love," but they were left "living on snub."
Brigitte Lacombe
John Lithgow and Glenn Close led the revival of "A Delicate Balance," but were forgotten about on Tony nomination day.
Brigitte Lacombe
Martha Plimpton, who was also in "A Delicate Balance," was also left out.
Joan Marcus
Kristin Chenoweth will host the Tony Awards this year, and picked up a nomination for "On the 20th Century." Her co-star, Peter Gallagher, wasn't recognized, however.
Joan Marcus
"Who's The Boss" star Tony Danza couldn't keep "Honeymoon in Vegas" afloat and couldn't get himself a Tony nomination.
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