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‘The View’ Hosts Feud Over Sarah Palin

Ladies have skewed "View" on would-be Veep.



    ‘The View’ Hosts Feud Over Sarah Palin

    Sarah Palin isn’t just dividing the country, the Alaska Governor is also causing a rift with the ladies of “The View”  —  Palin’s remarks set the show’s “Hot Topics” segment on fire Wednesday morning.

    The catalyst for the showdown was Katie Couric’s interview last night with Sarah Palin, where she was put on point regarding a comment made about 65-year-old senator Joe Biden.

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    “I’ve been hearing about his Senate speeches since I was in like second grade,” Palin jabbed during a recent speech.

    During the CBS interview Couric questioned Palin about attacking her opponent’s age, asking, “When you have a 72-year-old running mate is that a kind of risky thing to say?”

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    “Oh no, it’s not anything negative,” Palin told Couric.

    Palin’s dodging of the question set off Joy Behar.

    “The fact that she’s so dumb as to say…” Joy said of Palin, which caused her co-hosts to sound off with multiple, “wow’s” and “whoa’s.”

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    “Politically not astute, lets put it that way,” Joy corrected herself.

    The show’s resident conservative, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, was amused with Joy’s reaction.

    “I just love how shook up in your boots you get over Sarah Palin,” the former reality show star told Joy.

    The political face-off came to a head when Joy and Whoopi couldn’t get Elisabeth to see their point that Palin’s 2nd grade comment was meant as a dig towards Biden.

    “She is a heartbeat away from being the President!” Whoopi exclaimed.

    “Why is that bad?” Elisabeth countered.

    “Because she doesn’t know anything about it! Come on!” Whoopi roared.

    After around three minutes of back and forth banter, Barbara set up Elisabeth to make her pro-Palin point.

    “Tell us now why you think that Sarah Palin would make a very good president?” Barabara asked her conservative co-host.

    “Tell me why Barack Obama is qualified?” Elisabeth fired back.

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