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Stars Share What Scares Them This Halloween



    Stars Share What Scares Them This Halloween
    This man is actually scared of ... something.

    Snakes. Guns. Violence.

    Some scary stuff is universal, and even celebrities aren't immune.

    Here's a look at the secret fears spooking Elijah Wood, Rob Zombie, Snoop Dogg and other stars this Halloween:

    — "If the snakes come in the room, Vivica is jetting onto the other side of the room, for sure," says Vivica A. Fox. "Oh, when I was a little girl I almost got bit by one. My family is from West Point, Miss., so yeah, I almost got bit by one. So they're taboo. I don't bother them. They don't bother me."

    — "I think it's like personal pursuits that scare me," says Elijah Wood. "You know, for an actor, I think I'm always scared by things that challenge me, things that are very different from things I've done before. Roles and experiences, working with people that I think are incredible, that sort of scares me."

    — "What scares me is having a gun pointed to my head," says Gerard Butler. "It's just you never know. Is this it? Is it going to be over before I even knew it was about to begin?"

    — "What scares me personally is mob rule," says "Inglourious Basterds" star Michael Fassbender. "That's the one thing that really sort of scares me in life is when people get into a frightened frenzy and they sort of join up and the mob mentality takes over. And that can be like a tidal wave, you know, like a tsunami. That's one thing that scares me. Human nature and mob rule."

    — "I don't know if this is something to be scared of but one thing I find shocking is really fast, random violence," says musician-director Rob Zombie. "You know, like when you see things happen, you're like 'Oh my God,' you know. Growing up, when I moved to New York in the '80s, New York was such a violent town… I remember standing in line on 42nd Street at McDonald's and all of a sudden, this other guy stabs this other guy right in front of me. Like boom! It's like this whole bloody mess. And you're like where did that come from?"

    — "When the media asks me crazy questions and I don't know how to answer them, that's what I fear," says Snoop. "But that ain't never happened, so I guess I have no fears."

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