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Sienna Miller Just Can't Catch a Break

Miller may never be able to take the media spotlight off her private life



    Sienna Miller Just Can't Catch a Break
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    Sienna Miller's fashion choices and romantic life seem to take the spotlight over her acting career.

    While calling out Sienna Miller as her own worst enemy, the New York Times didn't act as much of a friend.

    The Times published a profile over the weekend focusing on Miller's desire to be taken more seriously as an actress and highlighting her role in the new theater production of "After Miss Julie" at New York's Roundabout Theatre.

    In its attempt to take the focus off of Miller's private life, The Times somehow inserted two extra men into the who's who of her relationship history.

    A correction published Saturday removes Heath Ledger and Sean Combs from a list of former flames explaining, "She was friends with both of them; she did not have romantic flings with either of them."

    As much as that has got to hurt, it may not come as much of a surprise to Miller.

    According to the article's author, Charles McGrath, "Ms. Miller has also been a little unlucky."