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Scoop: Private nature made Winslet split a shock



    Scoop: Private nature made Winslet split a shock
    Actress and husband weren't the kind to broadcast their personal business, so when things went sour, they were able to keep the troubles to themselves.

    From the outside looking in, Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes seemed to have a healthy relationship, but obviously, that wasn’t the case.

    One source who knows the couple said the reason their split came as a surprise is because so few people knew the details of their marriage.

    “Sam and Kate aren’t about doing excessive press, they didn’t live a life that was interesting to the tabloids,” the source said. “So when things started to take a turn for the worse, they were able to keep it private.”

    According to a report from Us Weekly, the couple’s relationship was under strain when the two worked on “Revolutionary Road” together in 2007.

    “Sam told friends Kate would talk about the film the moment they woke up, and it was overbearing,” according to a source who spoke to Us.

    The magazine goes on to report that when Mendes took time off in 2009 to be with the family, things got worse, not better. “They went stir crazy and argued more than ever,” according to Us.

    The final straw? Winslet agreed to shoot the miniseries “Mildred Pierce” in New York City, while Mendes wanted to stay in their native U.K. According to magazine’s source, the differing opinion about the direction of their careers was apparent, and “they decided it was over.”

    ‘Addicted’ shows unique perspective
    With the number of celebrity deaths attributed to various addictions, and the spate of addiction-related television programming on television, it might seem as if there’s not space for another show in the genre.

    Not so: TLC’s “Addicted,” which premieres Wednesday, is a fresh look at the problem. The show follows the lives of not just the person struggling with addiction as well as their families as they work with Kristina Wandzilak, an expert on intervention and drug addiction.

    Wandzilak, whose own addiction resulted in her becoming estranged from her family and homeless, wants the series to show addicts that there is hope.

    “Addicts get a bad rap,” she said. “It’s true, we don’t do delightful things: I robbed houses. But there are millions of us everywhere. I want to intervene on the shame connected to addiction. It’s the shame, the keeping it all secret, that kills people. The more professionals can be out there talking about addiction, the closer we come to decriminalizing addiction and pointing out that there’s hope and there’s help, and recovery happens. ”

    Although “Addicted” follows Wandzilak as she participates in interventions with the non-famous, she has experience working with addicted celebrities and recognizes a difference between the two groups.

    “When you’re intervening with a celebrity, you’re intervening on a small industry,” Wandzilak said. She points out that agents, managers and publicists are on the front lines of the intervention, and the star’s family is rarely very involved. “And that’s why (so many addicted) celebrities die,” she said.


    Madonna puts the boy in boyfriend
    Madonna is making room in her life for another male companion who is young enough to be her son. The latest is 25-year-old model Adam Senn.

    Madonna showed up with Senn, a Dolce & Gabbana model who has also appeared on “The City,” at a party for celebrity photographer Tom Munro in L.A. on March 6.

    “She arrived with Adam from the back (entrance) and sat in the VIP area,” an onlooker told In Touch Weekly. “At one point, she got up and started dancing, and he was grabbing her waist and touching her butt. She turned around and gave him a lap dance and he looked like the happiest guy in the world.”

    But Madge was keen on keeping her new beau under wraps, according to the source. “She made sure no photos were taken.”

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