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Publicist Who "Discovered" Farrah Looks Back

Fawcett died Thursday after long battle with cancer



    Publicist Who "Discovered" Farrah Looks Back
    Courtesy of David Mirisch
    The blonde bombshell grew up in Texas before making her way to Hollywood.

    The Hollywood publicist who discovered Farrah Fawcett, whose blond hair, stunning looks and beautiful smile made her a Hollywood icon, shared fond memories of the icon before she became an "Angel."

    Fawcett lost her battle with cancer in a Santa Monica hospital on Thursday. She became a household name in the 1970s even before she starred in "Charlie's Angles" after posing in a red bathing suit for a now-famous poster.
    Publicist David Mirisch, who lives in Carlsbad now and takes credit for discovering Fawcett, said on Thursday that he first saw her picture when he judged a Texas beauty pageant. Eventually, he convinced Fawcett's parents to let her come to Hollywood in the late '60s.

    "I saw a very, very wholesome, gorgeous, unaffected young woman who had been raised, obviously, with good parents, and was well-brought-up and had perfect manners and just wholesome sweetness," Mirisch said.

    The publicist compared Fawcett's death to Princess Diana's.

    "I feel that the American public today is going to feel like the world did for Princess Di, and that they're really going to miss Farrah," Mirisch said.

    Fawcett, who was nominated for three Emmy awards during her lifetime, battled cancer for the past two and a half years.