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No Lip-Lock Lined Up For Miley Cyrus & Katy Perry



    Miley Cyrus won’t be engaging in any lip action with fellow singer Katy Perry at the Teen Choice Awards this weekend.

    Despite Katy’s well-publicized wish to smooch Miley in a Madonna-Britney style way, Miley has shot down the idea.

    “No thanks,” Miley told E! NewsMarc Malkin.

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    In fact, Miley suggested Katy’s kiss request had to do with Katy’s one-time supporting role to Disney’s most famous teen face.

    “She sang on my record. So I think she’s kind of getting back at me, because she was doing harmonies and backgrounds,” Miley said.

    In related Miley news, though she is only 15, the star admitted she is already thinking of a post-high school education.

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